Reviews and Quotes

“A mesmerizing tale, at points nearly hypnotic, Rameau delivers a strong, descriptive script from her soul that is often fiery, fierce and illuminating…Under the calculating and sometimes brilliant direction of Michael Phillip Edwards, the story shares its wisdom with a strong dose of brutal honesty that continually moves the story forward with constant awakening reality… BURN lingers with an impression left like other burn marks that one experiences in life, and yet makes a huge leap of faith and discovery. This one gets a big bravo!”
— Trish Ostroski, Tolucan Times (Read the full review here)

“It was a tour-de-force.”
— Pete Snell, Musician/Composer/Teacher

“My heart wrings and goes out to you as the story unfolds… the performance has stayed with me and it is one that I will never forget. It has changed me. You have a true masterpiece in the play… “
— Sam Galici, Esq., Law Offices of Samuel F. Galici

“Bravissimo! You have truly left the world a better place.”
— Brian Bronk, DC, LA Back and Body

“… everyone in the room took something away from Ingez’s deliverance and felt ‘I am not alone.’ BRAVA… “
— Jonne-Marie Switzler, Manager, Playboy Jazz Festivals

“We were utterly spellbound. You are truly a fantastic actress.”
— Merle and Paul Kreibich

“I can’t stop thinking about your show and how amazing it was… You are a huge talent and truly light up a stage.”
— Debbie Dahlen, CLM, RoganLehman LLP

“Your performance was profound and your story captivating.”
— Tom and Lila Peterson

“Ingez’s play… was deep… touching, and brilliant, the way life is.”
— Sylvia Hunt